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Advanced Machining
5-Axis Machining

Advanced Machining has the most advanced 5 axis simultaneous high speed machining centers in a multi-state region, and the most high end 5 axis programming software available. AMI is capable of producing top quality parts for our customers in the shortest possible lead time, whether you require true simultaneous 5 axis short run machining or prototyping, 5 axis production, or 3+2 production machining Advanced Machining has equipment in place to fulfill your requirements.

Advanced Machining features two Mikron simultaneous 5 axis high speed machining centers with the advanced Heidenhein 530i controller and Heidenhein glass scales on all 5 axes these machines volumetric accuracy is unmatched.

Our Mikron machining centers are also both equipped with an integrated touch probe that can be used for finding part locations and feeding this information directly into the controller, or when used with our 5 axis form inspect software can be calibrated for inspection of complicated geometry right on the machine, they are also both equipped with a tool setting laser that will automatically detect tool length, diameter and corner radius of the tool and input that information directly into the controller.

We also feature a 5 axis brother production machining center capable of high volume 5 axis positional machining, with a tool change time of only 1 second this is the perfect machine for smaller 5 axis production.

This technology leads to fewer setups which translates to improved accuracy of parts, reduced delivery time and cost savings to our customers

Complete Facilities List
Multi-Axis Machines
Mikron HSM 400U 5 Axis Simultaneous High speed Machining Center With 42,000 Spindle and 17 Pallets, 8"X12" machining cylinder
Mikron HSM 600U 5 Axis Simultaneous High speed Machining Center With 24,000 Spindle and 7 Pallets. 18"X18" machining cylinder Video 1   Video 2
Brother TC-S2C-O with 5 Axis table 16"X 30" Travel
Brother TC-S2C-O with 4 Axis rotary table 16"X 30" Travel

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