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Advanced Machining
Part Photos
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Material is PEEK high performance plastic, medical implant, most features on this part are at compound angles.


This 6061 Al. part has multiple setups and tight positional callouts over the whole part

This part was manufactured by spinning the C-axis on our Mikron 600u with a high speed contour to generate the complicated outside surface geometry. This part will be used in the 2009 Tour de France.

This part is very machine time intensive and our customer benefited by having it manufactured on our brother machining center due to its high performance in this type of application

Complicated mounting bracket

316 Stainless Steel 3 blade variable pitch inducer with splitters.

Material is Aluminum, spots are all normal to the surface of the sphere with a slot normal also.

Convex sphere with spots all normal to the surface of the sphere, depth tolerance +/-.001 from surface of sphere.

This part required 4 axis wire EDM to successfully meet the wall thickness and interior surface specifications. It also has a special coating that was $750.00 per part.

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