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Advanced Machining
Doing Business with Advanced Machining, Inc.
Customer Agreement

- Quote lead time valid for 48 hours
- .pdf format prints and solid models (.step, .iges etc.) must be included with and match the revision levels stated on the purchase order in order to maintain price, quality and quoted lead time, if cad files are not supplied a $75/hr. fee will be charged to draw the parts, with a minimum of 1 hour per drawing charge. Delivery will be affected.
- Lead times are best effort and subject to change with out notice based on circumstances beyond our control
- Flatness is measured in a restrained condition unless otherwise agreed upon by customer and an AMI representative in writing.
- AMI cannot guarantee the outcome when modifying customer supplied parts, although we will do our best to make sure the parts are manufactured to print, the customer understands that there is inherent risk involved and AMI will not replace customer supplied parts or raw materials at our expense in the event of an error.
- A charge will be associated for all engineering changes, print clarification requests or specification changes after receipt of PO.
- Required secondary operations may affect delivery date, secondary operations include but are not limited to plating, grinding, heat treat, insertion of helicoils or other required specialty items.
- Customer has 30 days from delivery of part for final acceptance.
- Expedite fees are based on an estimate of increased costs to AMI to manufacture parts in the required customer lead time, and will be charged regardless of delivery of parts to schedule as AMI will make a good faith best effort to deliver parts as requested, and cost will be incurred by AMI regardless.
- Order Acknowledgments are only confirming receipt of an order and are not an acceptance by AMI of all criteria of customer purchase order & prints.
- The AMI customer agreement is subject to change without notice, please reference this document link prior to placing a Purchase order

Supplier Agreement
Download our Supplier Agreement here.

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