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Advanced Machining
Injection Shop

Advanced Machining has more than 20 years of injection molding experience, molding for a variety of industries, including consumer, construction and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for the auto industry, as well as many others. We have several mold makers on staff with a combined mold manufacturing experience of more than 40 years.

Complete Facilities List
Plastic Injection Equipment
2000 Niigata All Electric Super Precision Injection Molding Machine with AEC Robotic System, 4.5 ox. 110 Ton
AEC 50 Lb. Per Hour Drier Fully Adjustable Dew Point
AEC Nelmor Grinder  
3 Ton Air Cooled Chiller +/- 1° set point

ŠAdvanced Machining Incorporated  |  1234 Sherman Dr.  |  Longmont, CO 80501