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Advanced Machining

Advanced Machining is AS9100 and ISO 9001:2008 certified, we are not "ISO compliant" or "operating to a ISO standard" so you can rest assured that we have a quality system that has been audited and approved by an outside authority. At AMI we are dedicated to supplying high quality parts to our customers. To this end inspections are continuously performed in process by the machinist as well as by roaming inspectors. When parts are finished they are then given a final inspection and a manager has to sign that the parts and any associated paperwork are complete and authorized to ship to the customer. All of our inspection tools, gages, and other inspection equipment are traceable to NIST.

In addition Advanced Machining is Flight certified for multiple companies for in atmosphere, ground support and space manufacturing of flight hardware. We are also certified for medical machining of devices, surgical instrumentation and human implants.

Complete Facilities List
Inspection Equipment
Smart Scope Flash 302 Measure Mind Software
Resolution.5 micro.ns/.00002
Calibration Deviation :
.00003 in X, .00004 in Y, .00008 in Z, Capable of measuring in optics, laser and Touch probe, Staging area is 12" X 12" X 10"
Brown and Sharp Gage 2000R, Coordinate Measuring Machine 18" X 24"X 16", .0002 Volumetric Accuracy, .00016 Repeatability
24"Mitutoyo Digital Height Gauge 24" capacity, .0005 resolution
NIST Traceable Precision Pin sets : 0.20 mm to 1.28 mm and .0061" to 1.00" in .001 increments
4 Calibrated Surface Plate, Lab Grade 18" X 24"
Mitutoyo Digital Bore Gauges .00005" resolution, 1" to 3.5" Capabilities

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